I was not a fan of needles and acupuncture, but due to some back pain I was struggling with, I decided to try Lisa when she told me we would work together and take it slow. We did a thorough intake of just talking before I laid down on the table.She used only a few needles instead of the overload I had another time I tried acupuncture, and she did some cupping and heat therapy, which helped me to relax. She stayed with me the entire time in case I had another panic attack. The result lasted for 2 weeks- my back pain was much less and I was able to move more freely. I also had more energy and less headaches. Highly recommended! Kate

Aurora offers a complete package: acupuncture, dry needling, and healing presence. I have chronic headaches and work related shoulder and forearm repetitive stress injuries. Aurora is able to assess where I am that day and figure out the best possible treatment. She has a deep understanding of how trigger points work and uses her skills as an acupuncturist to offer targeted and highly-effective dry needling. This is the best of all worlds for me as sometimes I feel like I am just playing whack-a-mole with my own body. Although dry needling is intense, Aurora is able to make it “intense in a good way,” and the results last long beyond the appointment. Cannot recommend highly enough! Elizabeth

Lisa is a delightful and gifted professional! From my first conversation with Lisa, I immediately felt at ease with her intelligence, knowledge, competence and keen listening skills. She has the perfect blend of skill and compassion. I trust her explicitly. I felt better after my first treatment. Lisa is such an asset to our community! Martina

Yesterday I got to see Aurora after many years. The last time I met her she cured me from years of living with vertigo. Today she made a very painful knot on my foot disappear with acupuncture. Aurora listens to your concerns, assesses and does amazing work with her gentle hands. I trust her completely and I’m so ecstatic I had to share… I can’t wait to go back! Ana

If anyone is looking for an AMAZING Acupuncture Practitioner, I highly recommend Lisa Sherman. Lisa is brilliant in her knowledge of how the physical and energetic body systems work. She is a skillful listener and incredibly intuitive. I fully trust that she knows exactly what I need each session to experience the desired results. Lisa makes me feel safe, seen and deeply cared for. Her presence makes me feel so comfortable that I am able to completely relax, allowing me to receive the maximum benefits of the treatment. I started seeing her years ago to help with seasonal allergies. The acupuncture and Chinese herbs she recommended helped relieve the allergy symptoms after a couple visits. I continue to see her regularly for self care maintenance. I love it. She is adaptable and able to help me with whatever needs attention that day. From allergies, to heartbreak to the common cold, she knows the right approach to help you heal anything. Ananda

Aurora is very skilled at her work. She easily zeroes in on the places that need the most attention without being told – really impressive. Aurora also is professional, dependable, and kind. I began using acupuncture (new to me) for an acute bout of post-surgical neuropathy, and my results were excellent. Aurora does not show off or boast, but her knowledge of the body is comprehensive and her intuition is uncanny. Aurora is truly an artist. Matthew

After ripping my hamstring almost 13 years ago, I resided to the fact that I would always have daily pain. I initially sought treatment from Lisa for a strained muscle in my back, it was so successful we started to focus on my hamstring. Lisa’s treatment has been the only element that has alleviated me of continuous hamstring pain. I have such confidence and trust in Lisa. Her compassion, knowledge, and humor combine to holistically provide me care, physically and mentally. Lorraine

I’ve been seeing Aurora for over a year. I was initially referred to her for acupuncture to help with symptoms of Lyme Disease. She was able to provide treatments that not only helped with those symptoms but also helped with several other chronic conditions that I manage. Aurora has a calm presence which is so helpful with my ‘type’ A fire-like personality. I would trust Aurora with any of my family members.


I think of myself as a fairly level headed and pragmatic sort of guy, so when it comes to my aches and pains I usually keep them to myself, chin up and move forward. Did I mention that weight training is one of my pastimes and yoga is not practiced enough? This combination led me to a recent situation that found my left arm hurting from elbow to upper tricep so badly that I considered going to an orthopedic surgeon to see if surgery might be required. Before traveling down that traditional path a friend recommended to give a less traditional method a chance. Long story short, I spent three sessions with Lisa working her cupping and acupuncture technique on my arm and I am totally blown away with the results! I have recommended Lisa and her practice to local people in Asheville and beyond. Jack

I have osteoarthritis and a number of diagnosed anxiety-related conditions. Between chronic pain and incessant panic, I have a lot for Aurora to address. I have had acupuncture and cupping from many people, in many countries, and Aurora is astounding. Highest recommendation! George

Lisa was part of a team that help me resolve a painful foot issue which involved not only plantar fasciitis but also my big toe joint. Her approach looked at not only the problem area but also the areas further away that were potentially creating the issue. I have resolved a painful problem without medication and it was worth it!! Lisa is insightful, knowledgeable and kind. Lenoir

As a surgery resident, I have long hours on my feet, contort my body into uncomfortable positions in the OR, and sleep on crappy futons in the hopsital – all of these things combined with stress have taken a toll on my neck and back. My issue got so severe one day I was left crying in my bed because I couldn’t even move my neck. It wasn’t until I found Aurora that I have started to heal; after one session I was back to myself, and regular maintenance appointments have been crucial in my recovery. As a Western-trained doctor I was skeptical at first, but seeing Aurora for acupuncture literally saved my ability to have a physically demanding job. Kristy

I started treatment with Lisa Sherman several years ago, and let me start out by saying I always feel better after being treated by her. Lisa had a strong background in Molecular Biology before she was led to acupuncture via Tai Chi. That certainly has helped her develop her encyclopedic knowledge of the human body and its afflictions. She spends a great deal of time asking questions and listening to your answers, and then bases her treatment on the information she has gained (which is, no doubt, responsible for the amazing results that she achieves). But the best thing that I can say about her is she is a True Healer. Palin

Besides being a brilliant and talented acupuncturist, Aurora has a feeling of groundedness and focus that makes me feel calm, safe, and deeply cared for whenever she works on me. I credit much of the remission of my Lyme symptoms to our sessions. Elissa

It’s hard to find words to describe the gratitude I have for Aurora and for the body work that she provided to me at the end of my pregnancy with my son. To begin, she was extremely patient and accommodating of my need for appointments to relieve the normal discomfort at the end of pregnancy; she was always able to fit me in and each time I received a treatment I felt a sense of pain relief and relaxation. She was always calm, nurturing, and knew just what to do to ease my discomfort and meet my needs. When my due date passed and I was not getting much helpful guidance from my midwife, Aurora’s acupuncture treatments led my labor to progress and I was able to avoid an induction! I give Aurora much credit for allowing me to have a natural birth and for that I will be eternally grateful! Terra

Amazing work. For the past month, I could barely stand up straight for more than 10 minutes with my lower back pain. It feels incredible now. I would recommend everyone I know! Meridith

I have seen Aurora for acupuncture a few times – wow! The first time, I was a relative acupuncture newbie at the time, and saw her on my wedding day to help with pre-wedding stress. Aurora immediately put me at ease with her calm demeanor and obvious expansive knowledge of all things acupuncture. Her services did the trick. Thanks, Aurora! Laura

I’m a competitive powerlifter, and my body gets pretty beat up during training sometimes. My SI joint and spinal erectors were giving me a lot of problems and my wrist tendonitis was flaring up a bit, so I booked an appointment with Aurora as she came very highly recommended. She was very thorough with asking about what was bothering me and was able to break through a lot of the knots and scar tissue I have, while being gentle enough with areas of increased sensitivity. Bottom line: if you are experiencing any kind of pain, stress, or discomfort, Aurora is the person to see. I left my session feeling exponentially better, and my SI joint issues have yet to resurface. I highly recommend booking an appointment with her. Chris

I have thoroughly LOVED the prenatal acupuncture I’ve been getting from Aurora. I chose Aurora particularly because she’s a doula and I felt most comfortable getting prenatal work from someone so well trained in handling a pregnant woman’s concerns. Aurora has been so incredibly wonderful– very nice, thoughtful, and has managed to keep all of my pre-existing symptoms at bay. Highly recommended!!!!! I’ve since moved out of the area and no other practitioner has come close – I absolutely judge the quality of treatment by the standard Aurora set. She is awesome! Jennifer

I’m an esthetician and have chronic pain issues. Aurora’s expertise and care has helped me to be at my best for my clients. Our sessions have also helped my mental health and wellness overall, especially my stress levels and anxiety. She is very knowledgeable, kind and answers all my questions. I would recommend anyone to see her. You will not be disappointed. Kat

Aurora is amazing! Her treatments put me into the deepest trance and have me floating around for days! With acupuncture she is able to work on problem areas with amazing results. She is also very knowledgeable about alternative health practices and is helping me with my adrenal fatigue. She is just the best! Sarah

I’ve been seeing Aurora for close to two years and I can confidently say that she is amazing! I am a guitar player/instructor and have chronic overuse issues which need frequent treatment. She always finds all of my problem spots and works them out like no one else I’ve seen. I highly recommend her! Billy

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