Lisa Sherman, LAc
Asheville Integrated Acupuncture
30 Clayton Street
Asheville , NC 28801

phone: (828) 974-2599
email: [email protected]


The office is located at 30 Clayton Street in Asheville. Clayton Street runs between Central Avenue and Charlotte Street, one block south of Chestnut Street. The easiest way to get there is to take Exit 5B (Charlotte Street Exit) off I-240, go north one block to Clayton Street and then turn left onto Clayton Street.

Many people use the Starbucks on Charlotte Street as a landmark to find the office. Starbucks is located in the building that lies on the corner of Charlotte St and Clayton St.


There is a large off-street parking area located behind numbers 30, 32 and 36 Clayton Street. The entrance to the parking lot is the driveway at 36 Clayton Street (the exit is the narrow driveway between 30 & 32 Clayton Street).

Lisa Sherman, LAC
30 Clayton St, Asheville NC

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