Aurora Raiten LAc

Aurora Raiten received her Masters degree at Tri-State College of Acupuncture in NYC where she studied under esteemed master practitioners Kiiko Matsumoto and Dr. Mark Seem. Following in the footsteps of her mentors, Aurora’s approach incorporates Classical Chinese and orthopedic ‘acupuncture physical medicine’ through the lens of traditional Japanese meridian-focused style, allowing her to effectively treat a broad range of both internal medical as well as musculoskeletal pain conditions while ensuring patient comfort.
Prior to becoming an acupuncturist, Aurora worked many years as a massage therapist, leading her to a deep appreciation for the body’s intricate web system of fascia (connective tissue) as well as a hands-on awareness of how to unravel deep-seated muscular dysfunction leading to body and head pain. As a former Muay Thai competitor, Aurora is always thrilled to help athletes of all levels rehab injuries, improve endurance, and feel as strong as they are, using both traditional acupuncture needling, cupping, and gua sha, as well as more modern approaches such as trigger point dry needling.
A now-retired birthworker, Aurora has spent many years working within the realm of reproductive health for people of all genders, working with parents-to-be in facilitating healthy conception through the full spectrum of pregnancy choices and the birthing process, and easing into the post-partum period and beyond. She is also always happy to use the various tools at her disposal to help folks ease the ups and downs of the gender affirmation process. 
Aurora’s present major area of interest is in chronic illness, particularly Lyme disease. As a Lyme patient herself, she has a great deal of experience navigating the complex symptoms associated with Lyme as well as its co-infections and other vector-borne diseases and is eager to help other folks struggling to find answers and relief using acupuncture, nutrition, and other gentle but powerful forms of natural medicine. 
Beyond the physical medical aspect, Aurora works from the premise that the body is affected by the “will to be well,” and that it is vital to not discount the power of the mind to affect the body on many levels. She holds a strong belief in the inherent wisdom of the body and strives to create a space where her patients feel empowered to seek not only symptomatic relief but also a deeper sense of health and home in themselves in their own way.


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